What is a crown? A crown or a “cap” is used to cover and protect a damaged tooth to provide strength and/or to change the appearance of the tooth.  What are veneers? Veneers cover only the visible part of your front teeth and are primarily used to change the shape and appearance of the tooth. This procedure used to require two or more appointments, messy impression materials, and fragile temporary crowns.  Now, our office is proud to offer same day crowns and veneers that are milled in house, completed, and cemented in just one visit.

The appointment starts with Dr. Romenesko scanning the necessary teeth into our computer with a specialized “wand”.  This scan delivers very specific data about the size and shape of the crown tooth and the opposite and adjacent teeth.  This information will be used to help design the crown to fit each individual mouth.

Dr. Romenesko then prepares the tooth for the crown by reducing the tooth equally in all dimensions to allow for the appropriate thickness of crown material.  After the preparation is complete, Dr. Romenesko scans this preparation into the computer using the wand. This step takes the place of messy, uncomfortable impression materials.  Once all necessary information has been uploaded into the computer, the doctor then uses the CAD/CAM technology to design and mill a crown.

Once the crown has been milled, Dr. Romenesko then tries the crown in place and ensures that it fits properly with the adjacent and opposing teeth.  Next, the crown is glazed, and Dr. Romenesko adds any necessary characterization to make the crown appear as natural as possible. Finally, the crown is cemented in place.  The crown is at full strength immediately and ready for use!

Please ask our staff if you have any questions about crowns or veneers.