What is Invisalign?  At this point, most people are at least somewhat familiar with Invisalign, the clear retainer alternative to braces.  What many people may not realize, however, is how much the technology has changed since the founding of Align Technology in 1997.  What started as a tool for the correction of small orthodontic problems has evolved into a technology that can correct some of the most challenging orthodontic cases.  

At our office, the Invisalign process starts with a consultation appointment.  At this consult, Dr. Romenesko will complete a visual exam of your teeth, take photos of your teeth and how they come together, and make impressions of your teeth to send to Invisalign’s laboratory.  Dr. Romenesko then works with Invisalign’s software to create a treatment plan to address each patient’s specific needs. A second consultation appointment is then scheduled to discuss the proposed treatment.  This second consult includes a digital recreation of your teeth and shows you the final result of treatment after Invisalign.

One huge advantage of clear retainer technology is the ability to take the “braces” out for big events or important dinners.  The key to success, however, is for each patient to consistently wear the aligners for 22-23 hours each day. Aligners are worn for two weeks at a time and then replaced with a new set.  Dr. Romenesko typically inspects the progress every 6 weeks to monitor treatment and make any small changes that may be necessary. After treatment is complete, the consistent use of retainers is a must.  Teeth often want to return to their original positions (especially right after treatment), and retainers ensure that the teeth stay in the correct position.

Please ask our staff if you have any questions about Invisalign!