Dental emergencies are an unfortunate reality.  Considering how frequently we use our teeth, there are bound to be issues that arise, and sometimes these problems seem to happen at the worst times.  Fortunately, Dr. Romenesko is on call to be your emergency dentist whenever emergency dental care is needed.

Dr. Romenesko’s first goal is always to relieve any pain that a patient is feeling.  Dental pain can be extremely debilitating. That’s why ensuring that the patient is comfortable and pain free is always Dr. Romenesko’s first priority.  Sometimes dental emergencies can be handled over the phone, but other times an emergency visit to diagnose and treat the problem is required.

Emergency dental visits vary greatly depending on the type of problem that the patient is experiencing.  The doctor often needs an x-ray of the problem area to assist in making an accurate diagnosis. The doctor may also complete a variety of tests in the area to determine exactly which tooth or area is responsible for the discomfort.  Occasionally, pain in or around your teeth may not be from a dental source. That’s why diagnostic testing is critically important. Dr. Romenesko’s diagnostic tests not only help identify the source of a problem, but can also rule out certain areas as the source of the pain.  Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is established and carried out to relieve the pain.

Please ask our staff if you have any questions about emergency dental care.