The doctors and staff at Romenesko Family Dentistry have an exciting announcement about the future of the office.  We thought about delivering this message to our patients in many different ways, but we thought that Dr. Jeff said it best with this letter to all of you:


In 1978, my brother, Dr. Rick, purchased a small dental office on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Drew Street in Appleton.  His compassion and honest care for patients caught on quickly, and before long he had outgrown that office. In 1980, he moved to 2718 N. Meade St. where he rented space in a building owned by a family we have known since high school.  That building also housed another dental practice, an engineering and surveying company and a “beauty salon”. I can still smell the perms to this day!


In 1981, he was joined by our sister, Maripat, who became his office manager. In July of that year, I rented two rooms from him and set up practice “in the back” and shared in the expense of our office manager, waiting area, lab and sterile rooms.  At that time we were known by our individual names as we were, and still are, two separate practices sharing space and front office staff.


Over the next 24 years, building on the model of kind, friendly and high quality care, both of our practices grew to the point where our space on Meade Street could no longer contain us. In 2005 we built our current office at 2510 East Evergreen Drive and Romenesko Family Dentistry was born.  While two separate practices, we still share space and staff and technical information. It is a built-in professional study and continuing education group. 


We are descendants of rural farming families and grew up with lots of family around (including over 70 first cousins) and I think that is why we truly do love people of all ages. I recently found a recipe from my grandmother that was titled, “Chicken Booyah for 750”! We were always interacting with adults and children and that upbringing shines through in the way we practice dentistry.


It is now 2020 and Dr. Rick and I have been fortunate to have children who have chosen independently to follow in our footsteps.  Rick’s son, Michael, and daughter-in-law, Callie, now provide care for his patients and my son, Ben, will be taking over for me in the not too distant future.  We are so proud of them and as a team, have all grown under their influence and intelligent input.


As the old guard moves on to what’s next in life, Dr. Michael, Dr. Callie and Dr. Ben are committed to providing the consistent quality care that our patients have come to expect since 1978.  The same staff that we have all come to love will continue on with them.


To commemorate this transition and to position our practice for the future, we are changing our name to reflect our roots and to reinforce the idea of two great practices under one roof.  Our name is now Romenesko & Romenesko – A Family Dental Studio.  


Dr. Rick and I sincerely appreciate all of the trust you have shown us, and the trust and support you continue to show us and our children.  You continue to be in excellent hands.



Dr. Jeff Romenesko


PS – If you’d like a copy of the Booyah recipe,  drop me a line

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